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Testing the Fidelity of Voice Tones

Men and women who voiced high tone of voice can trigger problems in a marriage. Why? It is said that the men and women in the group have a propensity for cheating.

It’s not that easy to characterize a person has loyalty to her partner or not. But according to a study published the journal Evolutionary Psychology is actually our ancestors also use voice intonation to choose their partner.

The man whose voice and weight in the supposedly more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Therefore they have more sexual partners and had many children of course. The same goes for women that his voice higher.

David Feinbergh, psychologist, neuroscience and behavior, which conducts research on a tribe of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania also found a similar pattern to the members of the tribe.

“They do not know of contraception for pregnancy prevention. We found a low-voiced men have more children,” he said.

He added, our ancestors “bequeath” it is certainly not without reason. “If there is no benefit of these capabilities will be lost in the course of evolution,” he said.

Feinbergh then conduct research on the perception of sound to the 54 male and 61 who recently graduated from college. They were asked to listen to two sound recordings of men and women who raised his voice digitally and lowered. Then they were asked to rate the type of sound which is more interesting.

Apparently, the man who had a low voice tone is preferred by women as an attractive man and is considered likely to cheat. Meanwhile, the men assess women with a high tone as being shrewd and tend not to be loyal to their partners.

“If someone more interesting, certainly they are more easily engaged in a relationship,” said David Feinberg, a psychologist, neuroscience and behavior.

Meanwhile, according to Feinberg, in terms of physiology, men who have a deep and heavy voice as well as women who have a high tone indicates the high concentration of testosterone and estrogen.




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