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Way of Get Free from Germs in Toilet

TOILET, particularly public toilets, is known as a hotbed of bacteria harmful to health. Thus, when we want to go to public toilets, either at restaurants, gas stations, as well as in shopping centers, you’ll want to pay attention to the things below, as quoted from eHow.com:

1. There are some toilets that could flush by itself or automatically. But if forced manually, use a foot or a tissue to press shower.

2. That does not mean germ-free soap dispenser. Wash your hands properly and then rinse under tap water. If the faucet does not automatically use a towel or paper towels to turn off.

3. So also when doing other activities in the toilet, just use a tissue to open and close the toilet door. Later. Just throw the tissue directly. Do you carry everywhere.

source: http://www.mediaindonesia.com/mediahidupsehat/index.php/read/2011/02/02/3743/4/Cara_Terbebas_dari_Kuman_di_Toilet



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