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Babies Can Given Melodies From the Gynecologist

Paris, playing classical music during pregnancy is not a futile thing because the sense of hearing has been formed and functioning since I was in the womb. Babies can even remember the melody of the music heard during still in the womb.

During these expert opinions are branched on the benefits of classical music for the unborn baby. There was a judge can increase the intelligence, but there is also a thought that was probably only a suggestion because it is not known exactly how the mechanism.

But at least, recent research proves that babies are able to listen and even remember the melody he hears in the womb. In that study, the memory of a baby can survive until the age of 1 month after birth.

A total of 50 pregnant women in the study were asked to listen to music during the late trimester abortion, in some way for their babies can also listen, too. The effect is then compared to the memory of a baby when it was born.

When the baby began to enter the age of 1 month, the researchers broadcast the same music that plays with the mother when pregnant. In effect, the baby’s heart rate slows down an average of 12 times per minute than when they hear other genres that do not play when his mother was pregnant.

Psychologist from Paris Descartes University, Carolyn Granier-Deferre who conducted the study said the baby’s hearing system has been formed in last 3 months in the womb. Sensor hearing called the cochlea is mature at 5 weeks before the day of birth.

But that does not mean Carolyn supports the notion that listening to music while pregnant is really beneficial for babies. There are effects not always mean there postitif benefits, so if it wanted to introduce the music is better postponed when the baby is born.

“When the baby is born, we can see whether the child likes it or not with the music. While still in the womb it feels will be more difficult to assess it,” Carolyn said as quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (03/09/2011)




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