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Diamonds New Drugs for Cancer

YOU have heard that gem of a girl’s best friend. But behind the beauty of gems, it turns out these things can cure cancer.

Researchers from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois have found a drug combination chemotherapy with carbon particles called nanodiamonds. This finding could be a solution for cancer treatment.

The findings uini considered promising. Because the standard anticancer drugs are usually doomed to failure by 90%, in the treatment of malignant cancer.

Nanodiamonds is carbon-based particles with diameter between 2 and 8 nanometers with truncated octahedral structure. These particles are not toxic, and does not cause inflammation as well as cheap when produced in large quantities.

Lead researcher Dean Ho and her colleagues tested the technique on mice with liver cancer and breast. They provide anti-cancer drugs doxorubicin and nanodiamonds.

In the first group of mice given the drug combination doxorubicin-nanodiamond and another group only with the drug without nanodiamonds. Found, the effectiveness of doxorubicin in rats 10 times higher in mice given nanodiamond compared with mice that were given doxorubicin.

From the results of research it was found also that the nanodiamond-doxirubicin significantly, able to reduce the size of tumors in mice and improve survival.

Ho said the surplus was due to nanodiamonds chemicals on its surface. According to this diamond surface has different properties, such as electric charge sehingg one drug can be attached to the neutral surface. The results of this study have been published in this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine1 this March.




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