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First Woman President of Argentina

Cristina Fernandez is known as a successful wife accompany her husband, Nestor Kirchner became president of Argentina. But on October 30, 2007, his name was announced as president of Argentina to replace her husband. Be he the originator of history’s first elected female president in Argentina.
Cristina Elisabet Fernà¡ndez de Kirchner was born on 19 February 1954 in La Plata, Buenos Aires or commonly known as Cristina Fernà¡ndez or Cristina Kirchner. He bloody Spanish and German. His father, Eduardo Fernà¡ndez was a descendant of Spanish while his mother Esther Wilhelm was a German.
His interest in politics began after he joined a law student at the National University of La Plata. During college he met with Nestor. They both married on March 9, 1975 and have two children Mà¡ximo and Florencia.
Before becoming president he was a lawyer from Argentina and politicy Justicialist party. He is also a Senator for Buenos Aires province. Together with her husband, they became partners in politics. She accompanied her husband and eventually was elected president of Argentina on April 27, 2003. He became First Lady Evita Peron such State.
The woman who adored Evita Peron is getting 45.29% of the vote during elections defeating his rival Elisha Carrià³ (22%) and Roberto Lavagna (16%) and 15% are split to eight other candidates. Cristina famous among the working class and middle class. He won in two provinces of Mendoza and Tucumà¡n.
In March 2008, the Fernandez government introduced a tax decrease on the scale for agriculture, from 44% to 35%. A month later he got a reprimand from ADEPA (Argentine journalism association) because of the preaching of a cartoonist who depicts him with a funny face. He calls it as quasi mafiaso kartunist (bad man). 

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