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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Jakarta, Laughter not only signify happiness, but also can increase blood circulation thus speeding up the recovery process. Laughter may be the best remedy for several health disorders.

Researchers from the University of LEED’s School of Healthcare has found that laughter can accelerate faster healing compared with treatment of latest technology.

This applies at least in patients who suffered wounds in the leg. Most hospitals and health clinics using a low dose of ultrasound to treat wounds in the leg. But based on the five-year study conducted on 337 patients, treatment does not give any effect to speed healing, according to reports the British Medical Journal.

“The key to treating patients with problems in the foot is by stimulating blood flow returning from the legs to the heart. The way that is usually done is with compression bandages and stockings in combination with diet and exercise that right,” explained lead researcher Professor Andrea Nelson, as reported BBC News, Friday (11/03/2011).

Believe it or not, continued Prof. Nelson, laughed a truly warm and makes you feel happy also to help speed up healing.

“This is because laughter makes the diaphragm move and it plays an important role in moving the blood around the body,” added Prof Nelson.

During this study, the research team concentrated on patients with difficult wounds healed and has not recovered after six months or more.

Researchers found that the ultrasonic is used for the standard approach of treatment (compression therapy) had no effect on the speed of wound healing or the chance of recurrence. Which actually helps in wound healing is laugh.




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