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Monica Bellucci Allow Husband to Cheating

Beautiful actress Monica Bellucci Vincent Cassel would not mind if her husband was unfaithful while aka cheating someday. Mother of two children and Leonie Deva said the most important in a relationship is respect and loyalty that exceeds loyalty.

You will be able to feel the excitement and a certain desire of the worst man we’ve ever met, he said. He also continued that this has nothing to do with the fabric of a deeper relationship. In one unit, keep the spirit, but more important is trust, respect, knowing a man is not only faithful in matters of sex, but that they will be there for you. That is more important than loyalty.

It would be ridiculous to ask about the loyalty of her if I had not been there for two months. Even so, Bellucci still praised her husband, I think he’s sexy, he said. It’s important to keep thinking about your husband. But Vincent is not a normal person. Sometimes I love him so much, sometimes I also wanted to kill him.

source: (http://www.mediaindonesia.com/mediaperempuan/index.php/read/2011/03/03/5252/2/Monica_Bellucci_Izinkan_Suami_Selingkuh)



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