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10 Presenters Who Beautiful, Smart, and Sexy

They are beautiful, intelligent, intellectual, sexy, and well-known. The figure is attached to a news anchor or news reader a number of international television networks of the most influential in the world.
Their ability to master the material and confidence to interview a number of world leaders have been tested. They also have crossed the globe to all-terrain coverage, from fashion shows to the arena of battle on the battlefield.
Besides have the guts, they also are beautiful female figures which beautiful. Who are they? Here are 10 of the world’s finest presenters:
1. Melissa Theuriau

Women born July 18, 1973 it was the French news reader for Metropole TV channel 6 (M6). In 2006, the Daily Express newspaper menobatkannya as the world’s most beautiful news reader. He also was named the sexiest newscaster in the world by men’s magazine Maxim U.S. edition. In May 2007, he was also elected as the most beautiful woman in the world by the French edition of FHM magazine.
2. Ghida Fakhry
She is the presenter of Al Jazeera’s English version. Master on Internasinal Relations, Boston University, USA, this is a woman born in Lebanon. Since international news television network that launched the English version in 2006, he has become the primary news anchor for Al Jazeera bureau in Washington DC. In addition, he also became host of “Witnes” on the same line. At 4 to 5 November 2009, Ghida Fakhry and David Foster news brought together for 12 hours without stopping, covering the U.S. presidential election. He announced the election of Obama as president at 11:00 pm local time.
3. Biana Golodryga

Golodryga host “Good Morning America” ​​issue of May 7, 2010 and still continues to work as a business correspondent in network ABC News since 2007. He began his career in the media world as a producer before becoming a correspondent at CNBC television network the same.
4. Georgie Thompson 

Women born 25 September 1977 is a British female host “Sky Sport” and “Sky Sports News.” Men’s magazine FHM May 2007 issue of Thompson crowned as Sexiest Woman in the order to the world-93. On the web FHM, she is listed as the sexiest women ranked 52nd in the world.
5. Kiran Chetry
Women born on August 26, 1974 This is a morning news anchor at one of the CNN program, “American Morning.” In 2006, Chetry become one of the 10 sexiest news anchor man version of the magazine, Maxim. He is precisely in the third position.
6. Robin Meade
Born 21 April 1969, he was a leading news anchor on HLN morning news program, “Morning Express with Robin Meade.” In 2002, Meade was recognized by Lycos, a leading search engine sites and in the U.S., as one of 20 top news readers who have personality in the media industry. In 2004, in polls conducted by, he was elected as the sexiest newsreader to get 40 percent of the vote from about 40,380 participants poll.
7. Alisyn Camerota
Women born June 21, 1969 This is a presenter of Fox News Channel. Living in New York, Camerota bring the show “Fox & Friends Weekend” with Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs. In October 2007, Camerota create a blog on the network “Fox and Friends” called “In The Greenroom”. Camerota has a pair of twin daughters born in 2005 and their third child was born in 2007. He has frequently appeared as a panelist on the program “Red Eye w / Greg Gutfeld” on Fox News.
8. Betty Nguyen
Born 1 September 1974. He is an American news presenter on Morning News and the CBS program The Early Show. Previously, he worked on the CNN television network. In 2007, the Smithsonian Institution recognizes Nguyen as a Vietnamese-blooded American man first became news presenter on U.S. national television channels. A special site man,, in 2008 menobatkannya as one of the 10 Sexiest News Reader.
9. Katie Derham 

Born June 18, 1970. He was a newsreader and presenter of television and radio. In 1998, Derham, who was then aged 27, joined ITN, the television channel based in Britain, as editor for news media and arts programs and making it the youngest newsreader on British national television channel since its inception in 1955.
10. Laurence Ferrari
Born July 5, 1966. He was an Italian journalist who until now the evening news anchor on French television channel, TFI. This event, according to a general knowledge of popular sites, are the most watched program in Europe. Beautiful journalist began his career in 1986 as a copywriter in the AFP and Le Figaro Magazine. He also worked at the radio station Europe 1. Ferrari began his career in the world of television in 1994 with Michel Drucker at the station France 2, then host the “Combien ca coute?” with Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1. In 2001, he became host the event “a Sept Huit” with ex-husband, Thomas Hugues, on TF1. After the divorce, he moved to Canal +, a political show host on that channel, ‘Dimanche +’. In June 2008, TF1 announced himself as the new presenter of “Le Heures de TF1,” a news program the most watched in Europe, replacing Patrick Pivre d’Arvor, who had present the show for 21 years.

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