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Diseases "Allergies Love" is Real!

LONDON – When Charlotte Davies met her future husband, there is an instant reaction in the body. Precisely, in the skin.

A few weeks after the first meeting with her soul mate, the eyelids were blistered with eczema in the vicinity. Not only that, the skin around the eyes also swell the size of golf balls.

The experts concluded, the euphoria he felt when he was with girlfriend, accountant Dean Strohm, was playing on his skin. She is allergic to love. Even more astonishing is that all disease disappear on her wedding day.

Dean met three years ago at a bar in Colchester, Essex, and both later became an inseparable pair. Charlotte, who had previously felt like Bridget Jones – aka not likewise find love – falling in love feels great that Dean is the man that God sent him.

Three months after that first meeting, Charlotte, 32, awoke to find that he could barely open his eyes. “When I was falling in love, my skin reacts in a way that was so horrible,” she said.

Doctors struggled to explain the sudden reaction and it was a homeopath who finally diagnosed the cause as love. Eczema is often caused by stress. In Charlotte’s case it is because of love.

Dr Ed Seaton, consultant dermatologist at the Royal Free Hospital, London, said there were close ties between the skin and soul. “Emotional stress and major changes in your life can affect steroid hormone levels in the body and make people more susceptible to eczema and psoriasis,” he said.

But b agaimanapun, Charlotte suffered eczema as something extraordinary. “We’ve never found the love trigger eczema cases. It would be very unusual,” he said.

Last December, the couple married. Dean states, with or without eye panda – the term for eczema eyes Charlotte – she would always love him. And gradually after that, Charlotte eczema improved and is now fully recovered. Fortunately.

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