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Do We Safe to Kiss the Pet?

Jakarta, caring animal lovers can be shown in various ways, one of which is kissing pets. But kissing pets safe?

There are many myths circulating about the safety of the pet smell. Some thought that the animal’s mouth cleaner than humans, while others think otherwise.

“Several types of bacteria in the mouth of a cat or dog is the same type of bacteria in humans. But if not treated properly can be a dirty pet health more than human,” said Dr. Paul Maza, deputy director of the health center at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, as quoted by FoxNews, Saturday (03/12/2011).

Dr Maza said if the owners pay attention to oral hygiene of their pets as diligent brushing and cleaning the animal’s mouth, then maybe a dog or cat’s mouth cleaner than human mouths.

“So long as the animals were well maintained kebesihan and oral health and body, it is safe for pet owners to kiss,” he said.

Some diseases can indeed be transmitted from pets to humans, such as toxoplasmosis or bartonella. But this is very rare and is usually transmitted through animal feces is ingested.

Yet for some people who have low immune systems, have HIV disease or other diseases that can lower immunity and the elderly, should not be too often kiss pets. This is because the body resistance is decreased so that more vulnerable to infection by bacteria or germs.

“In addition, infants who are ill also should not be too often contiguous with pets,” said Dr. Maza.

Therefore if you want to secure every time you kiss a pet, then brush the animal’s mouth with a special tool and rinse it with water, do not allow pets in the kitchen eating leftovers or the trash, clean their feeding regularly and maintain a healthy body and cage.

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