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Habits Put Wallet in Pants’s Pocket Can be Dangerous

Become a common sight to see the man put his wallet in the back pants pocket. But this practice should be eliminated because it can affect the nerves in the body.

The experts reveal the people who sat with his wallet in the back trouser pocket risk damaging key nerves. This condition has become very common in society until called by the name of hip-pocket syndrome or wallet-neuropathy.

The man who always put the wallet in his back pocket is the group most at risk for this condition.

Physiotherapists said the spike in the number of men who suffer or complain of lower back pain, and suspected positions wallet is a major cause of this condition.

“We have more and more of my patients who come to the clinic with complaints like that. This condition is triggered by the position of a wallet that compress the nerve at the back of the body and over time can cause sciatica,” said Julian Forth, a physiotherapist in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, such as quoted by BBC News, Monday (03/14/2011).

Firth said the wallet will suppress the nerves in the body either at the time of driving or when sitting at work. This condition also can cause pain or numbness in the ankles, lower legs and cause pain when walking, sitting or lying down.

If someone put a wallet in back pocket, it will cause an imbalance that is not consciously involve muscles, bones and the most important is the nervous system. This imbalance tends to make someone sit sideways and try to keep balance centered on the pelvis.

These conditions possibly involving one or two compensation curve of the spine that makes his position was not parallel. Are not aware this would make the shoulder to be dropped. That is why put the wallet in the back pocket can cause pain in the neck, back and shoulders.

If a man thinks that he does not have any complaints, you should still avoid the habit.

Yet there are some things you can do to avoid the risk of neurological disorders, as quoted from namely:

1. Do a little stretching before sitting
2. Removing the wallet from the back pocket before sitting down even though the wallet is not thick
3. Leaving your wallet at a place other alternatives such as a jacket pocket or in bag
4. Sit comfortably in a chair or sofa with a flat surface so as not to interfere with nerve and bone and muscle structure correct
5. If you have a complaint arise should immediately consult with a physiotherapist to improve posture and do not make things worse.

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