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Keeping Dogs More Effective than Treadmill – If you are looking for tools supporting the latest sports, maybe you could consider something with four legs and a tail. “Tools” that’s not a machine, but pet dogs.

Several studies have shown, a dog is more effective to motivate people to move because the dogs need roads regularly. The survey also revealed that dog owners be more diligent in exercising than those who do not care.

In the elderly, are known to be more diligent in their physical activity when accompanied by “the doggie” than if the company of humans.

Compared with humans, dogs are more consistent for the “exercise”. In the study for 12 weeks to 54 elderly people who have dogs, known to those who choose the company of his dog to do regular exercise more than the company of others.

“We need to exercise, so does your dog. Therefore, a dog can relieve your lazy to move,” said Rebecca A. Johnson, director of human-animal interaction research at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.

Last week, researchers from Michigan State University reported that among the dog owners who regularly take the pet for a walk, 60 percent fall into the category of moderate to heavy exercise scale. The majority of dog owners also exercise 30 minutes five times a week. In comparison, only a third of dog owners who do not exercise with a similar duration and intensity.

The study was conducted by observing the habits of 5900 people in Michigan sports, including the 2170 dog owners. They found two-thirds of dog owners that bring his favorite animals to walk on a regular basis, with a duration of at least 10 minutes.

Dogs do have a unique behavior. “Walking the streets have become their needs and they will not leave you unless you also go walking together,” said Dr Revees, an epidemiologist from Michigan who is also the owner of two dogs.

However, not all dog owners automatically become diligent exercise. About 40 percent said they were releasing their dog in the yard so no need to bring their pets is a walk, 10 percent said hiring dog walkers, and the rest answering no time to walk with her dog.

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