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Scents Which Making Mr. P Tense

Chicago, a certain smell is known to increase a person’s sexual attraction, like the smell of baby powder that can increase libido in women. Some of smell also can improve blood flow to the penis which makes Mr P tense.

Research by Rachel Herz of Brown University shows that the smell plays a strong role in determining a person’s sexual attractiveness.

It is known that certain smells can increase blood flow to the penis by almost 40 percent of which are:

1. Lavender
2. Pumpkin pie
3. Donat
4. Licorice (a type of sweetener is black).

“Research has shown that when a person is faced with a flavor he likes, they are more likely to have feelings positf on the people around him who causes an increase in attractiveness,” said Dr. Herz, as quoted by CNN on Saturday (03/12/2011).

According to certain smells can increase the oxygen in the brain which in turn affects the emotions, attitudes, and energy levels of hormones that affect one’s sexual attractiveness.

In addition, some scent is also known to be able to increase the sexual attractiveness of women like the smell of coffee, lavender, vanilla, barbaque, cherry, washing laundry smell, the smell of the lotion until the smell of freshly cut grass.

Generally, the smell would be a compound inhibitor in the brain that can cause sexual arousal. Because it sometimes in some people who appear not effect directly.

“The smell can stimulate the brain called the RAS (reticular activating system), this increased awareness of men and more aware of sexual cues around them,” says psychologist Rachel Herz of Brown University.

Herz also said that the odor could work directly in other parts of the brain that control erectile function in men. This indicates that the relationship between a particular odor and sexual attraction is quite reasonable.

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