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Delicious Croissants Makes Us Quick Aging

OTHER time you eat a crispy toast or croissants at breakfast, you better consider it. Because, scientists have claimed that toast can accelerate the aging process, including the incidence of chronic disease.

Josephine Forbes of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has conducted studies on how much food, including baked bread and croissants, which can produce chemicals that are suspected to accelerate aging and lead to chronic disease.

A chemical called Advanced glycation End Products (AGEs) occurs in some foods and drinks such as soda and coffee.

The team of researchers from Forbes mentions that too much content of AGEs in the body can cause heart disease and diabetes, plus wrinkles and pigmentation as part of the process of skin aging.

As for foods that use AGEs usually contain lots of sugar or fat, especially animal fat, which is then roasted, baked, or fried at high temperatures, until crisp and golden.

“The more sugar in the food, the more AGEs are produced in the process. Foods that are baked until crispy usually contain a lot of AGEs,” researchers said Forbes.

Our bodies can get too much of AGEs in two ways. One was from some food and when blood sugar levels are too high, such as diabetes or prediabetes.

Although research on the effects of AGEs’ is still in its early stages, this study has shown that chemicals that are capable of damaging the immune system and causes the arteries to harden and problems with kidney function.

In addition, AGEs can also attack the collagen in the skin and cause arthritis by damaging the joints.

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