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Selena Gomez Terrorized by Justin Bieber’s Fans

Los Angeles – Selena Gomez is often the target of resentment because fans are often reported by Justin Bieber middle of a relationship with their idol. Selena is often reviled by a number of social media hurt.
“Very heavy. It was very painful, really. I do not feel doing the wrong thing,” he said as quoted by Showbiz Spy, Thursday (17/03/2011).
Besides never threatened with death, a Twitter account and Facebook stars ‘Princess Protection Program’ that has also been hijacked by fans who hate against him.
“Oh yeh, Justin Bieber SUCKS !!!!!!” so tweet who posted the hijackers at the time.
July 22, 1992-born actress has long felt that good relations as a friend to Justin. He also did not want to think too much about the people who hate him as long as there are many fans and family who loved him.
Selena was never admit that he was going out with the singer of ‘Baby’ is. But both are often photographers caught making out. One of them is a picture of them kissing lips during the New Year holiday on the Caribbean island. 

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