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Sex Addiction is Classified as Mental Disorders

PARA scientists has determined the sex kecancuan conditions including psychiatric disease categories. Thus, according to American Physicians Association (APA), patients with this condition should undergo therapy.

Explained, sex addiction be an a condition in which sufferers have a sex drive without stopping until out of control, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (14 / 3). APA publishes a manual which is considered the definitive guide to analyze the original psychological disorders such

Sex addiction became quite popular as many celebrities diagnosed with the disease, call it Tiger Woods and Russell Brand. Because known to experience sexual addiction, the former world number one golfer, Tiger Woods, has been undergoing therapy at the center rehabilasi diving clinic six weeks in Pine Grove in Mississippi.

On the other hand, addiction to gambling has recently also been classified as a psychiatric illness in England. Now, the center of the country’s health ministry has also started a pilot project for the treatment of sex addiction.

The existence of this new class of psychiatric illness would also encourage the emergence of specific drugs for sex addiction suppressing drugs such as antidepressants and sexual desire.

One clinic administrator Pine Grove said that patients in the clinic treatment group during the 8-9 hours per day as well as individual sessions with psychiatrists and therapists trained.

Meanwhile, psychologist and sex therapist at the clinic in Melbourne Janet Hall said that the number of patients with a sex addiction problem is now increasing. According to him, the emergence of cases and treatment solutions celebrities have contributed to the increase in the number of cases. The patients, he said, seemed to think that if people are rich and famous as Tiger Woods could only have the condition, it means the other person is not alone.

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