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Slimming Body Shape Developed For Compatible Body Size

SHAPE’s body, whether the type of apples or pears, depending on the poorer levels of protein in the body fat distribution play a role, according to a study.

Scientists believe that the workings of a protein that can help the development of new obesity drugs. Proteins known as 11BetaHSD1 is found in healthy fat around the chest. This type of fat is usually seen in people with apple-shaped body. Healthy fat, is associated with low protein content, tend to have around the hips and is a characteristic pear-shaped body.

For that, researchers were analyzing to see genetically modified mice to determine the impact of these proteins. They found that mice lacking the protein tend to develop unhealthy fat tissue after four weeks on a diet of fat.

The researchers are also investigating ways to develop drugs that could inhibit the protein that causes the body’s apple.

Study leader Dr Nik Morton from the Heart Science Centre University of Edinburgh, said: “This research opens new avenues and give us a better idea of ​​why some fat in the body becomes unhealthy fat while others are stored securely for energy.”

“Inflammation healthy fats cause a reaction that can cause harm to body tissues and affect the whole organism that triggers diabetes. Therefore, limiting the levels of these proteins can help to overcome this,” he said.

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