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Superhero Sportacus Being The Symbol of Against Obesity For Children

London, Superhero (super hero) Sportacus is a fictional character in a television series for children who are always diligent to get children to eat fruits and play outside the house. This super hero has a weakness that is eating sugar every power will be lost.

Sportacus is now the mascot for the fight against obesity in children.

Sportacus series aired on BBC Childrens Program. This athletic superhero persuade the kids to stop playing video games and active physical activities like sports and promoting healthy food.

British Health Ministry decided to use the mascot Sportacus to fight obesity in children. This is one way to prevent the children so as not to become obese.

“We have held talks with the producer for the show how these characters can be used to encourage children to consume less junk food and took her run around outside instead of playing video games,” said Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, as quoted from Dailymail, Thursday ( 03/17/2011).

Each episode will Sportacus Lazytown encourage children to leave the video games and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Ministry of Health uses this character as part of a campaign Change4life. And Sportacus itself was introduced in the National Obesity Forum conference.

“This is an excellent opportunity for success in the fight against obesity, especially in children pre-school and elementary school children,” said spokesman Tam Fry in the forum.

It is expected that by using the hero who is close to the kids, it’s easier to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent obesity in children.

Sportacus (played by Magnus Scheving) is very popular with physical activities like sports and senamnya who use acrobatic moves. He wants to ensure that residents Lazytown always happy and pleased, as well as healthy and full of stamina if you want to keep happy.

In the original series in Iceland, Sportacus is an Elf Elf who earned the nickname as an Athletic. He had a weakness in the sugar, eat a little sugar It would make it extremely tired. He called it a sugar meltdown.

Currently children who are obese has increased in number compared to some years ago. This is dangerous because excess body fat in children can affect growth and development. Children who are obese has many health risk factors, but it also makes the child becomes free to move.

Yet childhood is the perfect time to do various activities that can support growth. Therefore, children try to have an ideal body weight and BMI values ​​were.

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