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What Happens If Ball Testicle Are Bitten?

Newcastle United Kingdom, Testicle easy man injured because not protected by muscle or bone. Generally, because of an accident at the ball testicle kick, fall or injury due to sharp objects. What happens if the ball testicle man bitten by a female partner?

This case experienced by Douglas Martin, the man from Newcastle, UK 43-year-old. Martin Ball testes were severely damaged and nearly dislodged after being bitten by his girlfriend Maria Georgina Topp, 43. quoted as saying on Friday (3/18/2011), Martin had to undergo surgery which installation of his testicles almost regardless because it attacks a lady friend.

It is not known how to bite the testicles Mary Martin, is when you’re having sex or not. Detailed description of the action of biting testicles will only be disclosed in court.

This case was brought to trial court did Newcastle. If convicted of the attack that hurt Martin then Mary will go to jail.

Parties to the local paramedics explained only when the incident occurred, Martin called the police. When called up Martin did not elaborate on what happened because of the tremendous pain that the operator does not know what he said.

Mary herself has been detained since February 18, 2011 and is facing serious charges with the charges that the verdict could hurt people in jail.

Paramedics said the injury suffered by Martin very serious and he needed emergency surgery and must stay in hospital for 7 days.

What happens if the testicles bitten or injured?

Wounds in the testicles as reported by, is the most painful wound. Because the testes are many blood vessels nerves are sensitive.

Injury to the testicles can make him extraordinary pain, scrotal swelling and sometimes to make it up to fainting nausea vomiting.

Testicular injury resulting in blood clots which if not handled then surgery is the only way to remove a blood clot.

Injury to the testicles can also lead to ‘cable’ spermatik twisted. ‘Cable’ contains nerves, blood vessels and channels that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis.

Serious injury to the testicles should be treated quickly to save the condition of the testicles for testicular blood flow in soon recovered.

Injury to the testicle may impair fertility, but if only one testicle is damaged then the ball can still rely on one another for the production of sperm testicles.

But the man who had only one testicle ball high risk had only a little sperm count, sperm quality is not good and the decline in fertility. That is, the man who only has one testicle ball will be difficult or even can not have offspring.

Because the testis is very easy to injury, it is advisable to protect it from the factors that can make injuries such as accidents or unsafe sex.




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