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Habits Touch the Face Make Face Being Ugly

How many times do you hold face today? Could be more than 10 times due to customs hold-hold the face such as scratching, rubbing or supporting the face is often done unconsciously.

Dermatologist recommended eliminating customs hold-hold face-to unnecessarily so. Or, if forced to use a tissue or wash your hands first.

What are the effects of the habit of holding face-hold?

Did you know that the hand is used for rubbing his face is not sterile. There’s always stuck to the hands of germs because it’s hand holding any function.

Also very unlikely to keep hands free of germs throughout the day, especially if frequent contacts with public places like buses, office or gym.

Hand used to perform and hold a lot of things are very possible the transfer of dirt, bacteria, viruses and fat from the outside environment to the face.

It is very important to keep hands frequently to avoid touching their face to avoid transfer of microorganisms, as quoted from Fitsugar, Thursday (17/03/2011).

Touching the face of any kind, such as scratching, scrubbing, supporting or just touching the face can cause irritation and swelling. Facial skin is already irritated and inflamed pimples will make it easier to show up or worse.

The skin is an area very sensitive to stimuli from the outside. While touching the face may be seen as a form of action is simple and unimportant, but this habit can be detrimental to the skin.

Here are some reasons that make a habit of touching the face can cause many problems in the skin are:

1. Touching the face can cause irritation
Irritation often occurs directly after someone touched his face. In addition, redness and inflammation can also be triggered by the simple act of touching the face. This is because the skin is very sensitive which makes it susceptible to irritation.

2. Touching the face can cause the spread of bacteria
Bad habit of touching the face can spread the bacteria that already reside on the surface of the skin. If you continue to be done to trigger a new acne in places that previously did not have acne.

3. Touching the face can increase the skin’s oil
When touching the face it will stimulate the skin to produce more oil. Increased oil production is not necessary this will clog the pores and make acne more difficult to disappear.

4. Touching the face can cause scar tissue that is hard to remove
Touching or scratching the face has a great potential cause scars that are difficult to remove. If the area is touched or scratched it has acne, then scar tissue which will appear deeper and relatively difficult to remove.

5. Touching the face can increase the formation of wrinkles
When someone is rubbing or touching your face with your hands can cause the skin to be interested that enhances the formation of wrinkles on the face.

So start the habit left rubbing your face, dab-dab face, sustaining facial scratching. If you want to scratch, always remember if your hands clean or when forced to use a tissue coating to scratch or rub an itchy face.

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