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Why is Baby Crying Without Tears?

Crying is the only way babies communicate. In the newborn, although his face flushed and her crying would not stop, not a speck of anything he shed tears. Why is that?

Jennifer Shu, a team of authors of books the American Academy of Pediatric‘s, Heading Home With Your Newborn, explaining, at birth, infant tear glands produce tears only in small amounts to lubricate and protect the eye. Hence, there is no excess tears that came out when he cries.

Tears of newly produced when infants aged one to three months. With tears gland development, production also increased, said Shu.

In the meantime, if you tear the baby out even though he was not crying, her tears could be a channel clogged. Usually these disorders would normally own, but if the cornea of ​​the eye appear red or swollen baby may have an infection. Immediately contact your doctor, he advised.

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