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Sex Can Cause Heart Attacks

Sports and sexual activity done regularly can prevent you from having a heart attack, especially if you have entered old age. Although the risk is low, but research shows that people who rarely exercise can have a heart attack pascaberhubungan sexual.

The study was conducted based on analysis of 14 studies involving 6,000 patients. People who become the subject is a person who had a heart attack or died suddenly due to heart problems. Studies done by looking at what subjects are doing one or two hours before the onset of heart attack and compared with people who have similar activity but no problems with his heart.

If we follow the health of 10,000 people for a year and they all increase their physical activity and a half hours a week, then we will find two or three people who had a heart attack, said Dr. Issa Dahabreh from Tufts Medical Center.

Most people involved in this study were people aged 50-60 years.

Therefore, the researchers suggest that exercise and sexual activity done regularly. The more regularly you exercise, the lower the risk of heart attack after having sex, said Dahabreh.

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