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Expensive Price to Be Paid by Heidi Montag For Beautiful Body

You see the image below. Heidi Montag in 2006 and in 2008 after undergoing plastic surgery and 10 2010 after undergoing plastic surgery in a day. What really goes on her mind, We wonder. When viewed, Heidi is not women who do not draw, can even say she’s beautiful. It’s just beautiful Heidi is not a standard Hollywood (read: big breasts, platinum blonde hair, small nose and full lips stung like a bee).

Here wish lish Heidi while undergoing plastic surgery in 2010 yesterday’s horrendous;
1. Mini Brow Lift
2. Botox in the forehead and between eyebrows
3. Revision of nose (for the second time)
4. Formation of cheek
5. Reduce chin
6. Neck liposuction (how old is she again? 23?)
7. Ear caplang
8. Revision of breast augmentation
9. Liposuction at the waist, hips and thighs
10. Enlargement of the buttocks.
At the age of 17, Heidi who recently moved from Colorado to get a lesson about Hollywood-style beauty. “Everyone Had The Biggest boobs!” He said. Heidi was flat-chested and not comfortable with that fact. Discomfort increases after he got the role on The Hills.

In 2007 Heidi formation of nasal surgery and breast enlargement. But still not enough. Heidi like obsession to ‘fix’ the body and face. Heidi is the biggest reason to feel better, feel perfect. Because it is often mocked from childhood until moving to Los Angeles. People say his chin like Jay Leno. Heidi felt chest ex-ex-boyfriend (the man) is bigger than his chest. When she watched herself on The Hills, she looked out and big ears like Dumbo ears. Heidi felt she’s an ugly duckling.
At the age of 23 years, in 2010, operated on by Dr. Heidi. Frank Ryan (deceased) and underwent 10 hours of surgery. When asked whether he really needs to do ten operations, Heidi replied that he thought about the future of his job. The main dream is to become a pop star. “I’m competing against the Britney Spearses of the world, and Pls she was in her prime, it was her sex appeal That sold. Obviously, looks matter, it’s a superficial industry. “

Unfortunately, Heidi did not think that Britney, Rihanna and Lady GaGa not rely solely on their appearance and look sexy to be a star.
When asked whether he likes with her body after surgery, Heidi confessed that she was very happy. She felt beautiful and sexy. “I Did not Know I Could have this much confidence.”
But when the media attacked and accused him obsessed with plastic surgery, Heidi strongly denied. He does not just want to look as beautiful addict possible, inside and out. In an interview on TV, Heidi responded, “I would say That none of those people know me at all, and that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted. If I were the resource persons addicted, I would have Had 10 plastic surgeries.”
What he did, according to Heidi, only ten procedures performed on the same day.
A psychiatrist, Jamie Feusner, M.D. who heads the UCLA Research Program said, there is the possibility of suffering from body dysmorphic Heidi disorder (BDD). About 5 to 10 percent of people who often perform plastic surgery usually suffer from this disorder, which actually infected stature and normal-looking, but that they see is a distortion of the actual shadow. According to Drs. Ryan, Heidi did not enter the category BDD. Heidi just doing what most celebrities.
Many observers, including friends, former cast of The Hills and Heidi’s family who regretted the decision. Heidi could be a bad example for teenagers, while a woman aged 23 years pretty choose to do a lot of changes through plastic surgery. But Heidi answered that this was his life – and the task they do, this is indeed necessary.
Heidi added, “I’m living in my skin, and I look in the mirror and it’s my career and my life, and you only have one. So, I want to take advantage of everything and be the best me, in and out , every way. “
But recently, Heidi expressed remorse had undergone several operations. In addition to the scars in several places on his body, Heidi confessed that he was often awakened at night because of chest pain. Breast Heidi is so big that it’s hard to sleep comfortably. If she sleep on, Heidi’s implants feel like want to tear his skin was so heavy. Surgery scars are also very visible and disturbing. Heidi-was still not confident even if his ears had surgery. For fear of scar behind the ear clearly visible. According to Heidi, “My scars are constant reminders That I made a mistake.”

One thing that Heidi is forgotten beauty comes from Within. No need to undergo surgery of millions of dollars just to be beautiful. If he accepts himself what it is.

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