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Injection Pain Won’t Felt With the Mosquito Needle

Scientists have developed a needle that will reduce the effect of injection pain. That’s because the shape that resembles a mosquito‘s mouth parts. Needles were created by mimicking serrated proboscis of mosquitoes and barely touching the skin so you do not feel as if the initial bite, according to a report in New Scientist.

On the other hand, standard needles usually contain a lot of metal and in contact with skin that stimulate nerves and cause pain. Seiji Aoyagi and colleagues at Kansai University in Osaka, Japan, hoping that this new design could help patients with diabetes who must take blood samples.

This needle Etched from silicon, three-part needle mimics a mosquito‘s mouth is, two maxillae and labrum tubular serrations.

Unlike previous research Aoyagi mimics mosquito bite method, each section was driven by a small device containing lead zirconium titanate (PZT) have been namely a piezoelectric crystal that is not too swell when subjected to alternating voltage. Vibration of the crystal can be used as a simple means to control how the needle into the skin.

Parts of the needle into the skin in the same order as in the mosquito, vibrating about 15 hertz to facilitate entry into the skin, the observation through the microscope of high-speed mosquitoes.

Aoyagi has tested the needle to himself and three volunteers. They agree the pain is much reduced, but it lasts longer if compared with the conventional syringe.

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