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Safe Way to Press Prevent Spotting Acne

Acne should not be squeezed because it could lead to infection or interfere with the appearance of scars. But people often feel passionately, can not stand to not squeeze acne spots on his face. Is there a safe way to avoid infection?

In order not to cause infection and scarring, there are several things that must be considered when deciding to squeeze pimples. Among them is quoted from Stumblerz, Friday (03/25/2011), is as follows.

1. Make sure that squeezed pimple is ripe pimple, which already appears white granules.

2. Also make sure that acne does not fester, which means it is experiencing a severe infection or inflammation.

3. Clean finger nails and hands with alcohol before squeeze pimples. Repeat every time they move from one to acne pimples another.

4. If available, use a sterile latex gloves to reduce direct contact between the fingers with skin.

Keep in mind, the steps above does not mean there is no risk at all. However squeeze pimples should be avoided as much as possible, although for some people acne is too adorable to not push.

The safest step to curing acne is to provide the appropriate medication. According to Dr. Susie Renda, SpKK in consultation detikHealth health, acne is not treated or allowed to heal itself also can leave scars that look.

Meanwhile, to remove acne scars, there are some natural ways that can be done as quoted from the following buzzle.

1. Sandalwood powder made pasta
Sandalwood powder can work miraculously to cover the pores of the skin acne scars. How dab on acne scars before bed and use overnight, then rinse with cold water in the morning. Use the routine will obtain good results.

2. Sandalwood powder mixed with rose water
How dab on acne scars before bed and use overnight then rinse with cold water in the morning. But if the skin becomes dry, try to add milk in the mixture of sandalwood powder and use only a few hours just do not have all night.

3. The pores of the skin after acne usually enlarged, to tighten-rub can be rubbed ice cubes on the face for 15 minutes.

4. Skin rubbed the inside of cucumber or tomato to the face is another way remove acne scars. Leave for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water. Tomatoes not only mengecikan pores but also removes blackheads and suitable for the treatment of oily skin.

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