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Soft Foods Able to Overcome Loneliness

FOOD soft and creamy like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and minced meat may be bad for your arteries, but good for the heart and your emotions.

For me, food has always played a big role, Jordan said Troisi, a graduate student at the University of Buffalo and researcher of the study.

In a trial that he did, a group of participants engineered to feel lonely and asked to write for 6 minutes on a dispute that experienced by people nearby. There are also other groups who also asked to write, but without any conflict.

Then, they were then also asked to write the feeling after eating soft foods and other groups are given food as usual. At the end of the experiment, participants were asked to answer questions about their loneliness.

When writing about the conflict that was experienced, the participants appear to feel lonely. However, those who have been seen eating soft foods generally feel more secure in a relationship. We have found that soft food has an effect that we are linking with the nearest person, said Troisi said. Thinking about the people closest to eat soft foods or serve as a reminder or make feel closer.

The study will appear in Psychological Science, the journal of the Association of Psychological Science.

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