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Angelina Jolie Cite as Comics

Famous actress Angelina Jolie‘s life is always a public concern. This is captured by Bluewater Productions will soon launch a comic based on the ins and outs of life and career of the actress.

Oscar-winning actress will be the main character in the comic, entitled Female Force: Angelina Jolie. This comic will be launched on Wednesday (30 / 3) U.S. time (or today (31 / 3) Indonesia time.

The fans will be able to enjoy the figure of Jolie and her story in the comic is 32 pages thick only paying $ 3.99. Written by Brent Sprecher and illustrated by Nuno Nobre, comics will tell you about Jolie‘s controversial career, as well as an unusual life.

Through this comic, Jolie’s experiences in social activities, as well as a challenging role in a variety of movies, such as GIA, will be revealed through the media images tell stories.

I see the struggles and triumphs as an actress, mother and humanitarian. With his image as a movie actress slightly dangerous, people often do not realize the figure who never tired of working for charity and his dedication to helping refugees around the world as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, “said the writer.



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