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Freida Pinto Doesn’t Want to Meet Dev Patel Again

Freida Pinto, who began an affair with Dev Patel since they both starred in Slumdog Millionaire, stating that he did not want to meet Dev Patel again in one movie. The reason is because Freida feel will not find the same chemistry as before.

I do not want to work with him. But I say it is not in a bad sense. He once said the same thing in an interview. But Dev‘s words when it misinterpreted, said Freida.

I say this for a reason. Since we are both playing in Slumdog Millionaire, a lot of great things that happened between us. If we are still forced to play in one screen, then the pair would not we play live, “continued the artist was 26 years.

Beautiful girl born in Mumbai was also revealed that there are other things which also want to avoid. Freida do not want their work overshadowed by their romance. He and Dev really want to undergo a professional job.

During this time he was deeply disturbed by the presence of the paparazzi who pursue her picture and Dev. Frieda admitted only if the hunters comfortable photo shoot for movie promotions. But he will begin to interfere when the paparazzi are chasing her picture when together Dev.

It’s only limited value our relationship and also our respective jobs, said Frieda.



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