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Kate Middleton Also Have A Closed Bachelor Party

Not to be outdone from her future husband, Prince William, who had just held a bachelor party, Kate Middleton is rolling out a closed party which was attended by some female friends a few days ago.

Women who will soon join the British royal family is reportedly held a closed party to celebrate the final weeks of being a single girl. And just like Prince William, who held her party was kept secret and carried out far from public eye.

Estimated is the younger sister, Pippa, which regulates all plans bachelor party a la Kate this. House of a close friend was rumored to be venue is a closed party.

She (Kate) has entered the party, but certainly very closed and secretive. Actually there is no tradition to throw a party like the bachelor party. Everything is done in private. Not all the friends she comes, she will meet with other friends next week, “Said a source.

Some guests who were present reportedly is Astrid Habord, the woman who reportedly close to brother William, Prince Harry, and Olivia Bleasdale, a friend of Kate’s room when he was at the University of St. Andrews.



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