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Rihanna: I Like Being tied and ‘Spanked ‘

Shown openaperture and Nudity on stage apparently not enough for Rihanna. The singer has just one open secret in Rolling Stone’s sex life. Even this pretty girl confessed that she was a little masochistic on the bed!

In connection with his sex life, the singer who just got bad luck because the video clip and the song be abused by many for being too vulgar states that he likes being hit in the buttocks and tied up when having sex.

“I like when I was a powerful, but also likes to surrender. Being let go on the bed sometimes exciting. You‘ll be a little girl with a macho guy who will get you. It’s sexy to me. I love it when my butt beaten, said Rihanna.

Singer song Umbrella was also added, It is tied also fun. I love it when all spontaneous.

Despite claims like spanking, but Rihanna was more like do it by traditional, rather than with sex tools, such as whips or chains.

Sometimes a bit too much whip and chains. I’d rather he use his hand, cover girl who reportedly is dating Colin Farrell.



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