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When will Female Breasts Looks Most Perfect ?

Breasts are one body part that is guarded by women and most often admired by men. But the truth is when women have the most beautiful breasts?

Female breast development occurs in several stages throughout his life. Starting in the period before birth, at puberty and after puberty. The changes also often occur during menstruation and when menopause.

During his stay in the uterus, breasts have begun to form in the presence of thickening in the breast (mammary ridge) or milk line. When the baby girl was born the nipple and initial system of milk ducts have been formed.

These breasts will continue to grow until eventually consist of 15-24 lobes or small subdivisions of breast tissue. Breast gland is influenced by hormones activated during puberty. These changes will continue to occur and to form a dense breasts contain, as quoted from, Tuesday (29/03/2011).

Containing dense breasts, indicating maturity and increase the confidence of a woman. This condition occurs around the age of early 20s years. Breast at the age range is known as breast forms most beautiful women.

To obtain a dense breast forms contain must pass through several stages of breast growth. This growth pattern is divided into five stages of breast development, namely:

Phase 1 (under age 10 years)
In this period of breast development has not been seen and aerola just looks like a brownish areas.

Phase 2
At this stage of breast buds (breast and nipple) has begun to lift or expand, the area has been increasingly widespread aerola and ducts in the breast have started to grow.

Stage 3
At this stage of breast buds or buds begin to enlarge. There might be some pain or discomfort at this stage of development.

Stage 4
At this stage of breast development was shaped like a mound and gradually gained momentum, and no sign of pink stripes that appear on the breast. In these conditions one must begin to pay attention to the proper bra size to support its development.

Stage 5 (age 20-something years old)
This is the last stage to finally mature and become full breasts and round. At this stage a woman can find the right bra size for her breasts and will try to defend it.

Even so the shape and size of the breasts may experience changes such as shrinking or expanding, such as weight gain, breast enlarge, breast weight loss can come to shrink, the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding will make breasts enlarged and before the menstrual period due to an increase in the hormone estrogen.



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