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3 Reasons Have Small Breast is Better

MORE and more women who put up a fake to make breast implants more contained. In fact, science has found that instant way to have adverse effects on health.

Today, more women feel ashamed to have small breast size to be “menyumpalnya” in various ways. Consider three reasons you have small breasts better than large breasts, such as Cosmopolitan reviewed.

More comfortable

A study of University of Vienna found that large breasts are sometimes less sensitive than smaller ones.

“Big breasts have more fat tissue than glandular tissue, which is the most sensitive part,” said Rachael Ross MD PhD sexologists.

“With smaller breasts, glands are more easily aroused during foreplay because it is not covered by a layer of fat,” he added.

And because small breasts have a light weight, then the owner will be easier to move.

More healthy

Have small breasts are also good for your body in other ways.

“In medical screening, it is easier to detect lumps in the back of the breast in women with smaller breasts, since there are only a few layers to be passed,” said Dr. Marisa Weiss, an oncologist and president and founder of breastcancer.org.

And in fact, small breasts can save your neck. Larger breasts naturally become more severe which will put pressure on the body, especially the neck.

“Big breasts will change in posture due to neck must sustain it. As a result, he was more often experience headaches,” said Dr. Marisa.

More youthful

Men need to know how a woman’s age, women often hide a secret.

“They see the physical signs, including breast gland. Bigger breasts will sag from time to time, which is an indicator of an old woman. More difficult to assess the age of a woman if she has smaller breasts,” said Satoshi Kanazawa Ph.D., psychologist evolution at the London School of Economics.



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