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Angelina Jolie Spy on Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt back into the limelight. The couple reportedly were arguing. The tension was caused because Jolie fears that her life partner is very worried about having an affair with co-star in her latest film.

In fact, due to fears of excessive Jolie Pitt reportedly threatened the mother of six children to leave New Orleans which is the latest filming locations Pitt. The actor was feeling very uncomfortable because he felt Jolie’s attitude was very disturbing.

Jolie Pitt felt watching all the time. He thinks it’s really disturbing, said the source was quoted as saying of Hollywoodlife, Friday, April 1, 2011.

During his filming of Cogan‘s Trade in New Orleans, Jolie was never absent accompany such a handsome man. This was done to determine if Jolie’s spouse did not flirt or engage in talks with another woman.

Pitt look like Angelina Jolie is trying to watch him if he was teasing his co-star in the film, said another source.

With the concern of excessive Jolie, Pitt would find it difficult to focus with his work. Still, Jolie reportedly still will try to continue to spy on the activities of Pitt on the set.



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