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Britney Spears Hunted by Casino Bussinessman

Although time slumped but can not be denied if the name of Britney Spears is still a name that has many fans. The proof, in a short time, the singer who began his career in 1992, it has successfully advanced to the peak of popularity again. Not only that, there is now reportedly Casino in Las Vegas businessman who was chasing Britney Spears.

In the news reported by Splash News mentioned that last week Britney Spears has just held a concert at the Palms Casino Resort, accompanied by the owner of the hotel and casino on the way to his place overnight. That said, the casino and hotel owners are trying to woo for Britney will appear permanently in Las Vegas as did classmate star Cher.

“Entrepreneurs Vegas was meeting with Britney that he would sign a permanent contract to perform there, said a source, as quoted by Splash News. Obviously the name of Britney Spears can be used as collateral if the show would be crowded and noisy performances will mean more money flowing well.

Then how about the value of the contract to be signed Britney Spears? Reportedly this contract could reach a value of U.S. $ 100 million or approximately equivalent to Rp871 billion! Wow!




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