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Gosh, Woman doesn’t Feel Guilty Died Young for Sexy Body

EVERY woman would want to have ideal body weight to support his appearance. No wonder if the millions of women willing to do a lot of ways to make it happen. In fact, they are willing to undergo weight-loss method at least one year in their lives. Thus the results of recent research.

A survey of women aged 18-65 students at British universities find the fact, that almost one in three young people will be willing to die to redeem the image “ideal” of female sexy like a model or actress Kelly Brook Scarlett Johansson.

This finding is all the more surprising, because almost all of those surveyed are in a number of normal body weight.

As many as 16 percent of women surveyed said they would swap one year of their life to have the ideal body, and 10 percent are willing to undergo weight-loss method between two and five years. So that was disitat from Dailymail, Thursday (03/31/2011).

Many women have a rate less than perfect body, with 2 percent are willing to sacrifice up to a decade of his life, and one percent said they would give up at least 21 years younger to redeem a slimmer body shape.

Overall, 30 percent of 320 women surveyed said they would be willing to perform the method of weight loss. Across the country, this will be the same as millions of women.

And by those surveyed ranged in age 18-65, showed that not only disturbed adolescents with anxiety about their bodies. They also say are willing to sacrifice a lot to look better. That sacrifice with friends, family, and academic success.

Nearly half of people said that eating disorders are a problem for women on their campuses and 79 percent wanted to lose weight, although most (78 percent) have a nutritional or normal weight.

Average womenfolk said they wanted to lose more than one 6.35 kg of body weight, with only 3 percent said they want to gain weight.

Kelly Brook’s most often judged as a celebrity with the perfect body, followed by singer Beyonce and actress Jessica Alba, and Scarlett Johansson.

Dr Phillippa Diedrichs, an expert on eating disorders from the University of the West of England, said that those surveyed ranged from 18-65 years of age. With this condition, it is clear that confidence is not sexy body seen from age.

“This really highlights the importance of appearance for women. Unfortunately, weight and body shape is seen as not only indicate how beautiful they are, but also often regarded as a marker of success in their lives,” said Dr Phillippa.

Dr Phillippa further added, women do not have to undergo an extreme way to become anorexic or bulimic to answer their concerns on body weight. Diet and exercise ekstrakeras to maintain health and have the desire to realize the ideal body.

Karine Berthou Succeed Foundation founder, who has suffered anorexia and bulimia in the past, said the fashion industry puts too much pressure on women to have a slim body.

“The message we got from the fashion industry is that you must be skinny to be loved and that is the wrong message. There are no rules in terms of size. We must not focus on size, not an essential element of life,” he added.

But Peter Morris, a consultant clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders at Huntercombe Hospital in Maidenhead, warned that concerns about body weight is not enough to trigger an eating disorder.



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