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Hailee Steinfeld Be A Sleeping Beauty

Hailee Steinfeld winning Oscar nominations selected as the main character in the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Different from the original story, this film uses a new concept, written from the perspective of Princess Aurora.

The screenplay offers a plot that almost resembles Inception, as quoted website. 14-year-old star, must find a way out after thrown into the world of dreams.

This film will be the second major role for Steinfeld, after his first breakthrough as Mattie Ross in the movie True Grit.

Last month, he also had a role in a film titled Forgotten. In the film adaptation of the book, the Los Angeles-born star, 11 December 1996, it will portray a girl who loses her memory every day at 16:33.

At first, Steinfeld also vying for major roles in the film adaptation of the book series The Hunger Games. However, he was defeated by the older stars, Jennifer Lawrence.



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