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Liv Tyler Wants to Duet with Her father

Liv Tyler appears to have the desire to be a duet with her ​​father, Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith. It was during this indeed has never been tried in a professional duet with Steven.

Actually we often sing together, but not professionally. We often discuss things to do together, said Liv Tyler, as quoted from

The actress who did not know the identity of her father at the age of 9 years, is already preparing plans to do a recording together with Steven. But the rush to make them difficult to see.

Sometimes when he (Steven) in the recording studio, he asked me to come to be a background singer and sing along. But I usually I can not come or are difficult to reconcile our schedule, said Liv.

Liv relationship with Steven was quite close. They often collaborated in various projects, such as when she became a model Aerosmith video. He also really liked when his father became judge on American Idol. According to him, since Steve became the jury, people can see another side of his personality.

Many people talk to me about my father, they told me dad was funny and honest. That’s very sweet, because it is the figure that I know so far. Very interesting people around the world saw another side of him, said Liv.



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