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Rich Women Vulnerable Melanoma

New Research found that the number of cases of melanoma is higher in adolescent girls and young white women and live in an environment with socioeconomic levels higher than those living in low socioeconomic areas.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer the most deadly and is a cause of decreased quality of life of the substantial productive, especially when it occurs in young people,“the researchers write as background in this study.

The number of cases of white girls and female patients aged 15-39 years in the United States melanoma has doubled over the three decades (1973-2004). There is increased up to 2.7 percent each year since 1992, he added.

To determine the relationship between melanoma and socioeconomic status and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, Amelia K Hausauer of Cancer Prevention Institute of California, and colleagues examined data from the California Cancer Registry. The total available data ie 3800 white girls and women aged between 15-39 years of whom were diagnosed melanoma. Regardless of year of diagnosis, adolescent girls and young women who live in environments with high socioeconomic status, almost 6 times more likely to be diagnosed with malignant melanoma than those who live in lower socioeconomic status.

In addition, high levels of UV radiation exposure was also associated with increased melanoma among adolescent girls and young women at two levels of socio-economic status is higher. This report is published online and will appear in the upcoming July issue of the journal Archives of Dermatology.



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