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Being A Sex Toys​​, Miley Cyrus Beaver

The Hollywood star, one of them is Miley Cyrus, made ​​fire beard recently. The reason, a new company just launched a sex doll similar to the figure of celebrities, including Miley.

Furious with the launch of the sex doll‘is, Miley also plans to sue the company for a doll that is named Mylie Finally! Love this Doll. Unfortunately, although Miley make demands, but it will be too late, because since it was launched, this doll is sold out.

We‘ve run out of stock, when only launched less than 48 hours, said Kevin Johnson, Manager of Marketing Pipedream Products, the manufacturer of this sex doll.

But Miley does not own. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and Beyonce Knowles also serve as a model of this sex doll. For Kim, the doll is named Kinky Kim: Filthy Love Doll, while Lindsay Lohan’s lucky to get the name of Lindsay Fully Loaded Love Doll.

Unfortunately, although there are plans demands of Miley, but this company does not intend to withdraw his sex doll off the market.



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