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Lady GaGa get a Surprize Ruby Slippers

The 25th anniversary is indeed a very special birthday for her stage name Lady GaGa is. Reportedly, this year the controversial singer is a lot of gift of the closest people. Not only the people close, its management also presented a very valuable item for GaGa. Blooded Italian singer gets special pair of shoes which are also known as the Ruby Slippers.

Ruby Slippers are awarded to Lady GaGa is reportedly made ​​specifically for the film THE WIZARD OF OZ that was launched in 1939 last. In addition to the valuable goods, beautiful shoes, it is also personally have a special value. Perhaps, when it was first Lady GaGa junior who was then still named Stefani Angelina Germanotta Joanne was eager participate in the staging of stage drama THE WIZARD OF OZ, but he was defeated by another female student.

I really wanted to be Dorothy. At that time I was in grade 8 and he is the brother of my classes. I actually deserved it but unfortunately that’s not what happened. I just miss so much a part choir, the role of the worst, “says Lady GaGa, as quoted from Splash News. Lady GaGa had also advised for those who feel not yet managed to achieve success not to despair because one day the chance will surely come .



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