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Celine Dion Experience the joy of Stage After Childbirth

Golden voiced singer Celine Dion who has 3 boys want to give up to be an entertainer as he ever did after the birth of his first child. But after he returned to work recently, he would enjoy being on stage performances, different from before.

By ReneCharles, to be honest I wanted to stop singing. Now I know what it is to be a mother and I see myself having it all, he said. Doing a role as a mother is what I most enjoy.

Singer song My Heart Will Go On has just started a three-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. She also revealed he had worked much better after having the twins and Nelson Eddy.

As a player, I think my best side. And as a mother I can not hope for something better. I do not need to do it but I like doing it, he said.

I feel like a wine that has become better with the passing of age. I know I will not be able to sing like this forever. But as long as I could, I would do it.



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