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Luxury Wedding Playboy Boss & Crystal Harris

Wedding Playboy boss Hugh Hefner and his future wife, Crystal Harris is still two months away. However, this pair was so enthusiastic about preparing for their wedding to be held on 18 June.
At the time of the interview, Harris admitted ready to hold pernikahannnya with the owner and founder of the Playboy magazine. He said pernikahannnya will be an unforgettable moment. The 24-year-old woman believes her marriage will be the most romantic wedding in the world.
“This will be a romantic wedding ever,” said Harris, as quoted from dailymail, Tuesday, April 5, 2011.
Playboy model will be wearing a wedding dress design Ramona Keveca when stating ‘I do’ to become the wife of the 84-year-old man.
Of course, this wedding will be held with a very luxurious. And of course the party would cost very much. That’s not a problem for Hefner. He will not feel burdened because he would do anything for his future wife was happy.
“Because Hefner wants to realize the desire Harris of Harris’s dream wedding,” said a spokesman for Playboy, Kellie Olisky.
About 300 guests will be a special invitation wedding couples in different age. The party will be held at the Playboy Mansion.
Large room will be decorated with a variety of summer flowers with bright colors. The wedding couple will be in the dominance of white and silver color. In addition, there will be a special wedding cake was also selected Harris to create a happy Hefner. This party will also be enlivened by DJ Cassidy, Kanye West and musician, Ray Anthony.
For this third marriage, Hefner does not make a prenuptial agreement. Even though he has a fortune estimated at around U.S. $ 43 million, he remained calm.
In fact, Hefner also seemed indifferent when it was rumored Harris married her for running for his personal wealth. This is because Hefner did was in love with the blond woman.
“When I give a ring and she cried. It was a happy moment,” said Hefner.



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