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Olivia Wilde and Timberlake’s Hot Dating

Definitely know it with Justin Timberlake? Chanter fun song titled Cry Me a River. He was just a date with a beautiful star Olivia Wilde.

Two Hollywood actress was seen together in Los Angeles. This of course makes the busyclubber clubber the one place to another. Based on U.S. Weekly magazine, they both use the clothes that rhythm and harmony. New partner was using a white T-shirt and jean shorts.

Justin Timberlake, who had just broken up with his girlfriend Jessica Biel says that she danced all night with Wilde. While the artist’s beautiful new pair Timberlake had just divorced her husband is Italian, Tao Ruspoli, after eight years of marriage.

They were dancing, whispering, he (Timberlake) put his hand into his back and shoulders Wilde and they were always together throughout the night. They spoke with a very close, only two of them. Justin and Olivia in there with a group, but they do not talk to anyone, said one eyewitness.



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