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Qaddafi in the eyes of the woman Sexy Balynskaya

Oksana Balynskaya, sensual woman, Moammar Qaddafi Ukrainian nurse who left Libya to return to his homeland two months ago told me, that Qaddafi at the age of 70 years has changed his appearance.
“Anyone would not believe or overlook, watching Qaddafi physically, very changed, more fresh,” he said.
Oksana Balynskaya, is one of four nurses from Ukraine who serve Qaddafi. This sexy woman returned to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, in February and then use military aircraft along with 185 other refugees including Galyna Kolotnytska.
Galyna Kolotnytska described by U.S. diplomats as a woman beautiful and sensual blonde Qaddafi confidence.
“Although old age, Qaddafi looks fit. He’s feeding on itself and undergo a medical examination every year,” said the tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda Balynskaya Russia.
Balynskaya lived in Libya for two years and become one of the women denied the faith, which is close to Qaddafi.
From wire leaked U.S. Embassy said that Qaddafi could not travel without Kolotnytska because only these women who know the routine schedule.
Balynskaya also denied the news that one of seven children Qaddafi, Thursday has died from burns in March. “He is alive and well,” said Balynskaya.
Balynskaya tells the story of an unplanned trip to New York with Qaddafi – who always called him Papa.
At that time, Qaddafi very caring and generous. He always gave some money to all caregivers, so they can go shopping.
Balynskaya enjoyed special status around Qaddafi. “It’s incredible this as something very personal. You can only tell it to someone who only worked for Papa,” she said.
“At every 1 September, the date on which Qaddafi commemorate his power, we are given a gold watch from Italy with a picture of Daddy in it. People who have worked for him for 6 or 8 years old has got his entire collection,” said Balynskaya.
Balynskaya pleaded not had time to say goodbye to Daddy. “Daddy is busy with other affairs,” he said.
Until now, Qaddafi and the Libyan Government was in power said on Tuesday (04/05/2011), they were ready to hold negotiations, provided that Qaddafi remains a great leader.



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