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Sketches of Kate Winslet in Titanic Sale

Premiere Props to sell a nude sketch of Kate Winslet in a scene in the movie Titanic.

As reported by the Telegraph, the painting made ​​sketches of the director, Jamec Cameron, was sold for 10 thousand pounds, or about Rp140 million.

This sketch was inspired by a scene in the movie itself. In the 1997 film that was released earlier told Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), a simple boy, falls in love with Rose Calvert (played by Kate Winslet) on a trip on a luxury cruise ship, Titanic.

In one scene, Rose asks Jack to draw her in a state of naked in her room noblemen. In the pose, she uses a necklace that also became phenomenal in the film, Heart of the Ocean. The painting is then made ​​sketches to be auctioned on Saturday and Sunday in the United States.
  Unfortunately, the story of their romance had run aground when the ship hit a submerged iceberg. The story of the film itself is retold by Rose 84 years later. This is a beautiful part to commemorate the best-selling movie of all time, said a spokesman for Premiere Properties.

The film Titanic is worthy of a film of all time. Films that bring together the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio and British actress, Kate Winslet, so far recorded is still a bestseller and a phenomenal movie in Hollywood.



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