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Bored criticized, Lady Gaga Wants Nude Show

Feeling bored with the appearance of always reap a lot of questions and criticism, Lady Gaga claim to want to taste the taste appear naked in all tayangannya on U.S. TV.

“Maybe it unthinkable to wear a classic black dress all the time. How about naked? Only in that way, I will always instyle, looks timeless,“said the singer who was 25-year-old in his video blog, GagaVision.

He thought, when looking naked, people would not be able to speak again to himself and his clothing. That is, he managed to bring quality performances forever.

Gaga has been famous for its stunning appearance. He loved his appearance with eccentric dress, including wearing clothing made ​​from pieces of meat, and also of the opaque half-transparent plastic. In fact, the impression hitsmaker newest video clips, Born This Way, Gaga look like a monster.

Similarly, in her world like some concerts in Tokyo a while ago, apparently eccentric clothing attached to it.

For your information, berpenampilannya creative talent will be increasingly developed. Next month, Gaga plans to start a second job as a columnist Fashion + Art in VMagazine.

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