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Freida Pinto Tell Her Secret for Always Beauty

Slumdog Millionaire One actress who also starred in L’Oreal ads make-up revealed that her beauty secret for this is that mixed vegetable juice with some spices material. Juice is proven to keep skin healthy.

I make fresh vegetable juice mixed with pepper and coriander. Pepper and coriander material will make sense of vegetable juice is not good is much more enjoyable, “said Freida Pinto.

With these ingredients, my skin looks more shine. In addition, the juice is also good for digestion, added Dev Patel’s lover in an interview with the Daily Record newspaper.

As an artist, it is important for Freida to always maintain her beauty. But according to Freida, it had to be done by anyone. To maintain the beauty, do not have to pay expensive, but can with such a simple concoction that is consumed by it.



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