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Kesha Want Without Clothes With Britney Spears

To celebrate the return of Britney Spears into the world music industry, singer and songwriter, Kesha (24), want no clothes with Spears. Kesha also want to be with Spears to enjoy the beauty of their bodies as an expression of joy because of the opportunity to write two songs for the new album along with Spears Spears, Femme Fatale.

Kesha who was born in Los Angeles (California, USA) memasalahkan no party will be held at his residence or place of residence Spears. The party will be designed as a party or my party. In its place, or in my place, it does not matter, he said.

If the celebration was held in the residence Kesha. There had been no facilities that support. I have a small pool with salted water and a laser beam (sound system) stereo so you can listen to music while swimming under water, said printer hit Tik Tok“is.

Spears returned to the world music industry with the song Till the World Ends. “ The single was written with Kesha. It is an honor, writing songs for pop music‘s biggest icons, said Kesha.

The song is one of two songs written by Kesha and Spears. Video trailer song that lasted for 33 seconds it is tempting for the audience of energetic dance music with Spears with footage of the dancer.



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