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Gwen Stefani: ‘I Don’t See Myself’ in Katy, Gaga, and Rihanna

The subjects of Elle magazine’s May issue have a couple of things in common. They’re all huge successes in the music business … and they’re all female. But rocker Gwen Stefani was the one sassy songstress who revealed a bit more in her interview than any of her counterparts (who included Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj, and Aretha Franklin). The 41-year-old superstar dished on everything from her self-admitted vanity to her true opinion of music’s next generation. Here’s a sneak peek at what Gwen and the others had to say.

On her appearance: “I mean, I’m very vain. That would be my middle name. Of course I am, you know what I mean? I love the visual.”

On whether Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Katy Perry have taken a page out of her playbook when it comes to style: “Really? I don’t see myself in those girls. I usually put pants on. I see these girls as more going for the sex-symbol thing. I was more, in the band, like a tomboy. Of course, I think every girl is sexy, so there’s going to be a little of that. But I see a lot of younger artists going more toward the sexy thing.”

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