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Kylie Minogue and Her Boyfriend Will Stay in the Same House?

All The Lovers are hitmaker was already preparing the most expensive apartment to live with her ​​boyfriend, Andres Velencoso. It is said that the house was purchased for around £ 16 million.

With these prices, housing in the area of ​​Knightsbridge district does have a fairly complete facilities, among others, swimming pool, cinema, sauna, sports courts, even a golf simulator. These facilities are still not including various luxurious furnishings placed in each room.

A source revealed that the removals and Andres Velencoso Kylie Minogue is possible as a first step they are to direct their relationship into a more serious stage.

Kylie could say that family is everything. Before, he always spends time with the family that raised him, perhaps this time he built his own family, said the source.

The 42-year-old artist had indeed been planned for a serious relationship with a girlfriend who already had a relationship with since the year 2008. The source also revealed that Andres is the type of man who coveted Kylie.



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